Thinking Forward: Is this the Workplace’s "Kodak Moment"?

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Kay Sargent, Senior Principal & Director of WorkPlace at HOK

This might be our Kodak moment.

Tune in as Mike Petrusky, Director of Growth Marketing & Events, speaks with Kay Sargent, Senior Principal & Director of WorkPlace at HOK.

For the past several years we have watched as industry after industry has been disrupted and forced to evolve. The retail sector has been rocked by Amazon, the hotel sector by Airbnb, and the taxi service by Uber and Lyft. But there has also been a disruption in the commercial real estate industry, thanks to coworking and now COVID-19. The whole world is asking a fundamental question “what is the future of work?”

If we are myopic and focused too narrowly on addressing only the challenge COVID has presented us with regarding how and where people work, we will miss the bigger opportunity to address the real challenges we are facing today and those on the horizon.

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