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Two Years Later — A Workplace Strategy Update with Arnold Levin



Mike Petrusky,

Host of Workplace Innovator podcast



Arnold Levin,

Director, Strategy at Gensler

An exciting update to our most-downloaded interview of 2020 — right before the pandemic changed everything. Or did it?

In January of 2020, Arnold Levin, Director, Strategy at Gensler, joined me for a two-part discussion on workplace strategies — and going beyond industry trends and physical design.

Two years and one pandemic later, Arnold returns to share what we’ve learned and how workplace strategies are changing today.

Take a fresh look at how the events of 2020 and 2021 have impacted workplace strategies today.

Watch this webinar for helpful insights on:

  • What has and hasn’t changed since the pandemic?
  • How workplace leaders can align the needs of their people with organizational objectives
  • The technologies that are having the biggest impact on the future of work
  • What you can do today to navigate the “next normal” in 2022

And more!


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