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Adapting to Change & Workplace Challenges in 2021





Chad Smith, VP of Product Strategy, iOFFICE

Discover how to build a “hybrid workplace” with mobile apps, touchless controls, and IoT integrations in this panel discussion.

The workplace is evolving rapidly, and during these pandemic times, we must be in the business of rethinking the ways we care for real estate and the occupants of our facilities.

While research reveals employees do have a desire to return to offices to resume in-person collaboration, many would like to limit that to two or three days per week. Additionally, expectations have changed and safety is now a top priority for a workforce hoping to re-enter their workspaces.

We know that technology is also advancing and may hold the keys necessary to allow FM leaders to deliver on future workplace demands. Reimagining workspaces and creating an employee experience that will help engage your top talent is essential when creating a "hybrid workplace" of the future.

Deploying tech tools like mobile apps, touchless controls and IoT integrations can ensure your employees’ success, while simplifying your job as a workplace manager.

Join Chad Smith and Mike Petrusky as they discuss the latest trends and technologies that will help you adapt to change in 2021 and beyond!

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