Space-Right Report

Space-Right™Empowers A More Flexible Workplace

Discover How To Use It To Plan Your Workplace Re-Entry And Beyond

Verdantix, an independent research and consulting firm, concluded iOFFICE's space planning feature, Space-Right, helps companies plan re-entry to the workplace and implement new flexible seating arrangements during COVID -19 and beyond.


Space-Right: A Multipurpose Space Planning Tool

iOFFICE launched Space-Right™ in May 2020 to help organizations manage physical distancing and safety in the workplace. This space planning feature has enabled organizations to reconfigure office floor plans, manage seating and assigned shifts, and restore employee confidence following the COVID-19 pandemic, but it also has broader applications. 

In this report, independent research and consulting firm Verdantix discusses how organizations can use Space-Right to: 

  • Manage facilities services, including cleaning and sanitization
  • Implement hybrid work strategies
  • Identify quick-win opportunities to consolidate real estate
  • Manage office relocations

Space-Right is an add-on module to iOFFICE's space management software and works within its broader platform of solutions, allowing users to maintain buildings, manage costs, enable employees to reserve space, and much more. Download the report for a closer look at how companies are using it today. 

"90% of corporate real estate executives say social distancing and infection control will be a high priority in the next 12 months."

Global Corporate Survey 2020
, Verdantix