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Your Return-to-Work Guide:

How to Plan a Safer Workplace Now and in the Future

Solutions that protect, empower, and engage the workforce.


It's not the new normal — it's the new frontier.

Workplace leaders have difficult decisions to make:

  • Who should return to work and when? 
  • How can we protect our employees? 
  • What are our responsibilities if an employee tests positive for COVID-19? 
  • Will we need more space or less space? 
  • How will we implement new protocols for cleaning and sanitizing the workplace?

This report shares best practices for physical distancing, space planning, and more as you design your return-to-work strategy.

Facilities managers have to become indispensable, leading the return-to-work strategy.

“In addition to risk assessment and planning, we need to be preparing options for our senior executives. The physical space is going to become a moving target.”

Kylash Ramesh
, Management Analyst in the Division of Facilities Operations and Maintenance at the National Institutes of Health