Your Buyer's Guide:

How to Choose the Right Facilities Management Software for Your Agency

Get the guidance you need to invest in the right solution.
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Serve people as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Public agencies have a lot of responsibilities to balance:

  • Keeping everyone safe
  • Running numerous programs
  • Responding to emergencies
  • Maintaining aging infrastructure and assets

This buyer's guide shares the benefits of facilities management software for agency operations, and different considerations to make before you invest.

In one survey of 12,000 employees, researchers rated organizations based on their willingness to adopt new technology. Among organizations that lagged behind in this area, 58% of employees reported having negative feelings toward their employers. 

“The research underscores how the digital workplace encompasses a wide ecosystem of people, culture, technology and processes. It’s not just about how up to date your IT is or whether you can log in from home. How you work defines your workplace—and vice versa."

Leon Sayers
, Lead Advisory Consultant for Unisys Asia Pacific, which conducted the survey