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Reliability starts with the right connections.

Maintenance management is all about putting together the right people, parts, and processes. And now that iOFFICE and SpaceIQ have joined forces, you have the perfect combination of maintenance management solutions to help you keep everything running smoothly.

Introducing a new, stronger connection

We're excited to be back — and this year bigger and better with even more to share. Learn more about how we've come together to make it even easier for you to build the perfect combination of places, people, and things.  

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Get the perfect solution for your specific challenges

One-size-fits-all platforms don't work, which is why we offer a comprehensive suite of focused, interconnected solutions. Regardless of your industry, size, or where you are in the data digitalization process, we can help you take control of your maintenance operations.

All-in-one solution for large-scale enterprises looking to manage and optimize space, operations, and maintenance.
Enterprise asset management software to optimize equipment performance and document regulatory compliance.
Simple, user-friendly computerized maintenance management system for users of all technical skill levels.
Modular SaaS platform that combines workplace management and space planning with full employee experience capabilities.
Intuitive, fast-to-implement workplace solution for mid-market companies that’s designed to make space management simple.
Scalable, highly configurable solution for enterprise organizations that helps improve workplace efficiency and space accounting.
Workplace experience tool to enhance employee and visitor interactions with spaces through room/desk booking and wayfinding.

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