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Hybrid Work Looked Like the Perfect Solution to Save the Office. Is It Working?



Mike Petrusky,

Host of Workplace Innovator Podcast



Gordon Wright,

Senior Principal, Firmwide Director of WorkPlace, HOK

Reap all the benefits associated with a dynamic, flexible workplace.

People are challenging the notion of conventional work arrangements — including what they want from their in-office experiences, how they are engaging with their space, and their interactions with each other and the environment. 

To ensure success in the future, workplace leaders must evaluate their office design through the lens of utilization data and emerging trends in human behavior. 

Watch as we explore these topics and more: 

  • Best practices for creating a hybrid ecosystem 
  • 12-point plan for supporting distributed teams 
  • What’s the next phase of workplace evolution? 
  • How will people engage with their colleagues? 
  • What’s changing about our in-office interactions?

Discover how to support and enable distributed teams in this conversation about implementing a hybrid work model that’s designed for the future.


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