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hot desking

What you’ll discover...


The business case for flexible space strategies

Learn how flexible space strategies help businesses make better use of real estate and avoid leasing more.

COVID-19 and flexible space strategies

Learn how COVID-19 has impacted concerns over the use of shared workspaces and increased anxieties.

Hot desking versus desk hoteling

Read about the shared benefits and differences between these two types of flexible seating strategies.

How to get employees on board

Beyond a successful implementation, explore ways to ensure a smooth hot desking transition for employees.

We have been able to make better decisions about assets, space, forecasting needs, budgets and understand our business better than ever before.

SPX Flow, Facilities Manager

The iOFFICE Platform aligned with the Big Fish Games Company culture, which emphasizes the need to empower each employee to do their best by providing them with the best tools.

Big Fish Games, Director of Global Real Estate and Facilities

The beauty of iOFFICE is that you don't need a whole team to manage the tool. They really care about what the customer wants and creating great software.

HMS, Real Estate and Facilities Manager