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A Better Way to Manage Employee Moves in the Hybrid Workplace



Zack Kingsak, Product Marketing Manager, iOFFICE



Jim Diez, Senior Solution Specialist, iOFFICE

Support your organization as it grows, distributes, and reallocates space.

In a time where organizations are constantly hiring, reallocating space, or just need to temporarily relocate employees down the hall, coordinating high volumes of moves can be difficult to manage.

On top of that, you also need to get all the right approvals, track the status of various tasks, and manage reporting.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how move management software can help your growing and rapidly changing organization get employees moved to where they need to be — with minimal disruption.

Watch to learn how you can use move management software to:

  • Execute large organization restacking
  • Plan your move calendar in advance
  • Automate approval and notification workflows
  • Organize and track moving costs
  • Sync with HR directories to keep information up to date
  • Check move status with work orders

And more!


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