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On-Demand Webinar

Creating Strategies for a Better Workplace



Mike Petrusky,

Host of Workplace Innovator Podcast



Kristin M. Reed,

Senior Consultant, Veldhoen + Company



Stacy Larkin,

Vice President, People & Employee Success at ActionIQ

Embracing the New Future of Work 

Navigating recent workplace changes has had its challenges. But, in a post-pandemic era, companies are learning to progress beyond short-term reactions and realize long-term adaptations. 

With the right strategies, leaders learn to link recent workplace changes to successful business outcomes. 

Mike Petrusky speaks with our guest experts, Senior Workplace Consultant Kristen M. Reed and Vice President of People and Employee Success Stacy Larkin. Drawing from years of consulting and industry experience, Kristen and Stacy cover important topics: 

  • Shifts in culture, policy, and office/space design 
  • Use of data, benchmarks, and other workplace strategy partners 
  • Storytelling and vision clarity for buy in, endorsement, and change 
  • Impacts or risks to growth, talent, or other business strategies 
  • Experiments, a-ha moments, successes, and challenges 

Watch this video for expert takeaways on how companies can create a thoughtful future of work strategy.


Watch the Webinar