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Webinar Recording

Women and Workplace Challenges: Solving the “Post-Pandemic Departure”



Mike Petrusky,

Host of Workplace Innovator Podcast

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Emily Klein,

Workforce and Workplace Strategist

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Meryl Rosenthal,

CEO and Co-Founder, FlexPaths, LLC

Putting Women on a Path to Success  

Many women have chosen to leave workplaces post-pandemic due to toxic environments. 

Amid the Great Reshuffle, how do we update the "ecosystem of workplaces" and put women on a path to success? 

Mike Petrusky speaks with Emily Klein, a Workforce Specialist and member of CTW (Center for the Transformation of Work), and Meryl Rosenthal, the Co-Founder of FlexPaths, a women-owned workplace transformation business. Drawing from years of industry experience, Emily and Meryl cover important topics: 

  • The impact past work experiences has on women today 
  • Whether corporate cultures properly prioritize and respect women 
  • Post-pandemic uncertainties, including childcare needs, recent crime in cities, and the lack of work-life balance 
  • How companies can offer fresh strategies for hybrid work 

Watch this video for expert takeaways on women's workplace challenges and how companies can prevent their departure.


Watch the Webinar