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Bring Your Human to Work: When People Thrive, Business Thrives



Mike Petrusky,

Host of Workplace Innovator Podcast

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Erica Keswin,

Author, Speaker, Workplace Strategist

Lead Your Team with Purpose

Navigating work-life balance has always had its challenges. But, in a post-pandemic era, the conversation is more important now than ever.

Companies are searching for the best way to lead remote and hybrid teams. Great leaders understand that when people thrive, business thrives.

How are workplace trends affecting employee retention? What are successful leaders doing to align employee needs with organizational objectives? How can we create a human-centric workplace?

Mike Petrusky speaks with guest Erica Keswin, a renowned workplace strategist and best-selling author. Drawing from 25 years of industry and consulting experience, Erica helps answer professionals’ burning questions:

  • What are trends in the workplace today?
  • How do managers build a human-centric workplace?
  • How has remote work affected the workplace?
  • What does the future of employee retention look like?
  • How can leaders prioritize employees’ well-being?
Watch this video for expert workplace takeaways on how to build a thriving workforce.

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