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Magnetizing the workplace during economic uncertainty

Eptura_Workplace Webinar Headshots_Mike


Mike Petrusky,

Host of Workplace Innovator Podcast

Eptura_Workplace Webinar Headshots_Carole


Carole Hunter,

Senior Director, Occupancy Management, CBRE 

Eptura_Workplace Webinar Headshots_Emily Botello


Emily (Neff) Botello,

Managing Director, Americas Consulting, CBRE 

Eptura_Workplace Webinar Headshots_Jeremy Kopstein


Jeremy Kopstein,

Sr Manager, Global Business Systems Management, Uber

Pull in employees while keeping down costs 

After the pandemic forced us apart, 2023 is the year of rebuilding human connection. Companies must learn how to navigate employees returning to the office amid economic uncertainty.  

Mike Petrusky speaks with our workplace specialists, CBRE’s Senior Director of Occupancy Management Carole Hunter, CBRE’s Managing Director Emily (Neff) Botello, and Uber’s Senior Business System Manager Jeremy Kopstein 

With years of industry experience, our expert panel discusses how businesses can better balance cost, space utilization, and employee engagement with references from the following reports: 

Watch this video for expert takeaways on how to magnetize your workplace.


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